COVID19 Emergency Response Group Provisional Platform

Now more than ever, people from the U.S. and globally must come together as a beloved community , and substantively address the COVID-19 pandemic both in America and globally. We are joining forces to build an intersectional and diverse “COVID-19 Emergency Response Group” that can help draft federal legislation, support existing legislation, lobby the United Nations and governments around the World.

In the USA, we will educate and lobby civil society and Congress about the need to pass “Emergency COVID-19 Legislation” to address the lethal COVID-19 pandemic. We must also have a significant presence in the national and international media regarding COVID-19, and create a sense of urgency to pass federal emergency legislation that addresses the public health and economic security needs of all the people. We must have an organized diverse and intersectional movement that has the needed “critical mass” and political/strategic unity to pass truly progressive federal legislation, and defeat bad legislation regarding COVID-19.

Millions of lives will depend on our efforts. We must not abdicate our fate to elected officials; we therefore must be an “engaged citizenry,”

We have allies in Congress that can introduce bold, transformational, and justice-based COVID-19 legislation in collaboration with the Bipartisan Solutions Caucus, Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucuses, Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congressional Black Caucus , Hispanic Caucus, Asian Pacific American, and the Native American Caucus Members of the American people. However, this can only be successfully accomplished, if we approach Congress as a unified COVID-19 grassroots movement.

We must place “moral pressure” on the Trump Administration and Congress, Governors, Local Governments, and international organizations to do the right thing, and pass “Emergency COVID-19 Legislation” that will truly address the urgent needs of our medical workers, people who need health care with no financial barriers, and create a robust economic safety net. The time to do this is now!

Globally, we strive to have unity, solidarity, compassion, justice and revolutionary love and support a global movement to EndCOVID19. We will have the highest levels of coordination among organizations and people in the “COVID-19 Emergency Response Group” We must also organize the unorganized, and do what is right for the people– no matter what obstacles we face.